Setting up eduroam

With eduroam members of the Ulm University and the Hochschule Ulm have the option of logging worldwide at other universities and scientific institutions with their user account in the local WLAN. So you have also the possibility to use the wifi eduroam at our dormitory.
You must set your wireless interface configuration according to the specifications given below. You can find an overview of the participating eduroam institutions under

To keep it short we only describe the installation with Uni Ulm Accounts. We reference to the official german KIZ-Manual. To use eduroam as a student from Hochschule Ulm you could try to use this Manual.
The eduroam configuration, you should definitely make on site at the University of Ulm and test for proper function. This is the condition that you are in other places – without changing the configuration – can log on to the network eduroam, e.g. at the upperwestside.

General Settings for members of the University of Ulm

network name (SSID) eduroam
security WPA2 Enterprise
authentification EAP-TTLS
encryption AES
Root-CA-Certificate DTAG-Root-CA-2
inner authentification PAP
outer identity
inner identity your address
Password Your basic-KIZ-account password
wireless key There is no wireless key!
We still use WPA2-Enterprise.

Windows 8

Windows 8 supports EAP-TTLS natively, but has problems to uniquely identify a certificate eduroam. In order to avoid security loopholes, recommends the urgent kiz eduroam to configure correctly even with Windows 8.

Configure eduroam with script
Download this zip-archive and extract it.
The zip-archive contains a batch file (.bat) and an xml-file. Both should be in the same directory.
Doubleclick on the batch-file eduroamConfigure.bat
Wait a moment. Click on the wifi-symbol in the taskbar and select the wifi eduroam. Insert your Uni-Ulm address as username and your basic-KIZ-password as password. Important: You have to insert your mail-address, not your username (not abc25).
Now it should work!

Windows 7 / Vista

Install the W2Secure software.


If you want to perform authentication using the wpa_supplicants, you can use our template and costumize it.


Open your browser and download this certificate.
Go to your devices wifi-settings. If eduroam is avialable, click on it. Set the options like in this picture.


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Mac OS

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